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Siena on the Lake |  Assisted Living,
Memory Care and Rehabilitation Services

Siena on the Lake (SOTL) will soon be assisted living with skilled nursing, memory care and rehabilitation services. SOTL is scheduled to open in 2015 on the shores of Lake michigan at the current home of the Racine Dominicans, a not-for-profit, non-stock corporation, serving all faiths of the broader community.

About the Racine Dominicans
The Racine Dominicans, known also as the Sisters of St. Dominic, are a community of Catholic sisters currently living in a new resident building on the site of Siena on the Lake.  Going back to 1862, they've been ministering to the poor and under privileged in Racine, and throughout the United States and beyond for over 150 years. It all began with teaching English to mostly German immigrant children and later founding th school which eventually became St. Catherine's High School. As they grew in number, so did their ministerial influence touching the lives of countless children and adults in education and numerous fields including medicine, law, art, music, social work, spiritual direction and more. In recent decades, they have extended their efforts into pastoral ministry, retreats and social justice. Having established numerous ministries over the years, they currently have six sponsored ministries including: St. Catherine's High School, HOPES Center of Racine, Eco-Justice Center of Racine, Senior Companion Program, Bethany Apartments and Siena Retreat Center. All sponsored ministries are 501(c)(3) corporations and all sponsored ministries follow the mission of the Racine Dominicans which is in part, "Committed to Truth, Compelled to Justice."

In 1965, the community moved its headquarters and motherhouse to a new location where they built Siena Center, named after their patron Saint, Catherine of Siena. On the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan, still their current home and soon-to-be home to Siena on the Lake. By the turn of the century, however, the structure built for nearly three hundred sisters was housing less than a hundred, and the plumbing and electrical systems were deteriorating beyond repair. Wishing to put their lakeside property to optimal use, not only for their own needs, but for the greater good of the Racine community, the sisters sought to create a new ministry filling a much need regional niche in healthcare —  resources for memory care and Alzheimers patients and their families. Siena on the Lake will also provide rehabilitation services, nursing care and assisted living. Such is the dream of Siena on the Lake.

These new medical facilities will share this stunning location with a new residence building for many Racine Dominicans and with Siena Retreat Center, a world renowned retreat and spiritual guidance center.

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Siena on the Lake will be a not-for-profit healthcare services provider founded by the Racine Dominicans.

Siena on the Lake, 5641 Erie Street, Racine, WI 53402  •  262-898-9100

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