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Our Mission

The mission of Siena on the Lake is to provide quality independent living for the Racine Dominicans, enrichment and supportive services to everyone on the Siena Campus, guided by God’s love in service to others.


We support and maintain services that demonstrate the following values.


  • A faith-based community in which the values of truth, justice, compassion, mutual respect, honesty and neighborliness can be felt in the day-to-day services among staff, residents and guests.

  • A community in which every person matters and consistently feels welcome, safe and cared for.

  • A community where aging in place with grace and graciousness is valued and personal choice is honored by all who work here.

  • A community where ecological responsibility and sustainable earth practices are routinely implemented in service provision.

  • A community that values accountability of its staff in their actions and assigned responsibilities.

  • A community where collaboration and teamwork is modeled to continuously improve and enhance our support of staff and residents.

  • A community that promotes positive personal and
    interpersonal behaviors

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